About Us

Mawr Community Council represents the wards of Craig Cefn Parc, Felindre and Garwnswllt. It has twelve unpaid members who are elected every 4 years. Community Councillors are elected to represent local residents within the community; to deliver services to meet local needs; and to strive to improve the quality of life in the community they serve.

The Community Council is the first tier of local government and is funded by a precept (payment) from the council tax. Our working practises comply with our written Standing Orders (based on One Voice Wales model form) copies of which can be obtained here. We are the closest level of local government to the community and are therefore best placed to enable local people to make improvements to their communities.

Much of our work involves maintaining our 3 Welfare Halls and land that we own and operate for the community, such as football pitches. All planning applications are referred initially to the Community Council for comment before the decision by the County Council. We also maintain links with other community councils, public bodies, and local Ward Councillors.

Please contact the clerk for further information on the Council or how to get involved:

Susan Rodaway


07305 007575